This intervention aims to replace Polyurethane rigid foam with a material that is 100% natural, sustainable and bio-degradable. Especially in buoyancy applications, the use of PU foam has no sustainable value, requiring an alternative that is compostable and renewable. Regrowing the stems of the Oyster mushroom creates a material that is both stable and light enough to be applied in products that float.

Mycelium is what could most easily be described as the mushrooms „roots“. The stems of the oyster mushroom have the ability to grow new mycelium themselves very quickly, making it possible to regrow it into shape.  Right after picking, this characteristic is pronounced very strongly, but after a week of fading, they can no longer be used. In mushroom farms, the stems normally get thrown away.
The projects aim was to understand value chains and to speculate about possible interventions. In my process, this resulted in various material experiments and renders of possible applications.