The main focus of my bachelor thesis is the phenomenon of images in everyday-objects.
What happens if three-dimensional objects not only represent a function but also become the carrier of an image? Can a metaphorical transfer of images lead to objects with playful character and personality? The three designs show a way for „hidden objects“ (iron, hand mixer and lint roller) to be
taken out of their concealed presence in shelves and drawers.
The STEAM IRON is Part I of my thesis.
Methodically, I tried to convert a specific image and project it onto the typology of a certain “hidden object”, in this case, a steam iron. The imagery of a steam locomotive was abstracted and applied to the functional elements of the product. Here, the metaphor works: The chimney serves as water refill and the wheel is an automatic cable rewind. The result is an object that does not have to be removed after use - instead, it can be presented on the shelf.